Security Guard Tour System


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Z-6600 LED Lighting Torch Security Guard Tour System for Patrol Verification


1. Auto-induction, free from pressing any button
2. Powerful LED lighting, can be used as a torch at night or dark place
3. Pogo pin connector USB cable , more durable than traditional USB cable
4. LED flash and vibration confirmed when scan tag successfully
5. Rechargeable and replcaceable battery , long working time

6. CE FCC ROHS certificated

Technical information

Reading method

Auto-indcution, free from pressing any button

Storage capacity

7,200 logs

Card reading time

<0.2 S

Reading distance

< 3cm

Communication baud rate


Data transfer

USB cable

No. of key

1 key (Power on LED light)

Operation temperature




Power supply



Aluminum alloy

Net weight



900mAh rechargeable battery


Powerful LED light, helpful for light patrol

Waterproof grade


Charge and discharge life

500 times

Reading times once full charge

20,000~30,000 times

How it works ?

1. Set up software
2. Collect all rfid tags information with patrol reader Z-6600 (edit and name in software)
3. Install check spot at where patrol needed
4. Security officer carry Z-6600 reader to visit these tags and scan it , time and date can be recorded and viewed in report
5. Supervisor bring patrol reader to download data via USB cable , and various report can be printed out or saved .

How to use:

1. Install software and USB driver from software disk

2. Collect all tags information with patrol reader (scan tags ), and name them in software with exclusive name .

Make patrol schedule timetable and personnel duty roster according actual demand in software

3. Guard carry patrol reader to visit and scan all tags as schedule request , reader will record time , location name automatically .

About scan staff ID card : If more than one person using the same reader , guards should scan their staff ID card before doing the rounds .Which means the follow rounds activities are did by themselves .

About scan Event Card : If there is exception exist at one location, guard should scan the related event card with patrol reader to record the event name .

4. After completing tour rounds , supervisor will carry patrol reader to computer room to download data and get the report by USB cable (result is from patrol management software )

Application Area

Manufacturing and Industrial

Warehousing and Distribution

Hospitals and Healthcare

Financial Institutions

Aviation and Maritime

Chemical and Petrochemical

Real Estate and Property Management

Corporate and Office Campuses

Retail and Shopping Centers

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