What are the requirements to become a security guard in Alberta?
Under the Security Services and Investigators Act (SSIA), individuals working in the security, investigation and locksmith services industry must be licensed by the Province of Alberta. Applicants for individual licences must meet basic licensing requirements and training qualifications before applying to receive a licence. Additional Information is available at:

What are the licensing requirements?
Effective June 1, 2011, all applicants for a security workers licence in Alberta must successfully complete an accredited 40-hour mandatory training course (or provide proof of equivalent training) and successfully complete the SSIA Provincial Examination in order to qualify for a licence. Both the training course and exam are available online from Central Protection Services (Contact Us).

What are the steps involved in the licensing process?
Licenses are issued by the Security Programs department at the Alberta Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General. In addition to completing the training and provincial exam, applicants must submit SSIA Individual Licence Application form. The application fee is separate from the training and exam registration fees. The application form and a checklist of requirements is available at:

Is Central Protection Security Training course accredited by the Province of Alberta?
Yes, Alberta training course is accredited by the Province of Alberta (under SSIA Course License #AT000520) and meets the training requirements outlined in the Security Services and Investigators Act. It is recognized as an Online and in-Class Alberta Basic Security Training Course (ABST).

How do I register for the Provincial Licensing Exam?
CPS’s SSIA Provincial Examination is delivered online and in-class at various locations in Alberta and is attended by a certified proctor. Once you have completed the training course, please contact the CPS to register for the course and exam. There is no additional exam fee – it is included in the registration fee for the ABST – Alberta training

If I fail or Absent the exam, can I write it again?
Yes, if you do not successfully pass or miss for some reasons the exam the first time, you may re-write it. Please schedule a new exam time by contacting the Central Protection Services. The fee for each additional exam re-write is $50.